The Creative Guild

Welcome to the OCAG website. Over the years, we’ve been able to support a network of creatives in our native California but we’ve since moved on to become a more inclusive platform. Now, we celebrate individuals and businesses across the globe anything relating to the arts and human creativity.

Our interests now include digital content creation and both digital and print advertising works. We appreciate that many creatives commercialize their work through various means and their crafts must not be undervalued.

The influence of digital media

The internet and social media have drastically changed how the world interacts and how swathes of populations perceive not only art, but the truth.

– Benny, chairman of a digital marketing network

This means that artists across the world have had to adapt both their work but how they monetize it. Few painters and sculptors, in the traditional sense, make good livings in modern times, at least through those means alone. Typically, creatives are turning online to publicize themselves or actually use digital media as their art.

Graphic design, web design and the creation of compelling digital content represents the meat and drink of many artists’ careers. The modern world has dramatically shifted its emphasis on talent and its value.

Social media

Social media agencies have become the bread and butter of many creatives. Content has always played a key role in social media marketing and the best social media agencies are those who can excite and engage the audiences of their clients. The combination of words and imagery is what makes successful marketers just that in the 2020s.

Digital, content and social media agencies provide the backbone of the online marketing world. So much of the population spends their time on Facebook and Instagram, it’s impossible to see how art and beauty are evolving. Failing to recognize the digitization of virtually every sector of society would be a failure of the part of artists and anyone with their interests at heart.

There are uncertain times ahead and when art in its purest form can be regarded as a ‘nice to have’, it’s important that creatives find themselves commercial avenues wherever possible. Learn more about our Guild on the about page and if you have anything to ask, get in touch.